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Sighting Your Firearm

Getting your firearm sighted in

On the bottom of each front sight are dots marking their height. #1 for the shortest, #2 for medium, and #3 for the tallest.

Be sure to circle the sight you are using in the upper left hand corner of the target so you know which height of front sight you used while sighting in your firearm. Make sure to fill out the information at the bottom of the target as well, this information is also important.  

First, start with the medium #2 height front sight. Stand 15 yards away from your Angry Bear Arms target. As you look through the sight picture of your firearm, match the front sight up with the large grey box on the target. Fire 3 rounds to make a shot group.  If your shot group is low using the #2 height front sight, switch to the shortest #1 height front sight with the provided tools in your family pack sight set. This will bring up your firearms point of impact raising your shot group. Print out a new Angry Bear Arms 15 yard target, repeat the first step, and check your new shot group.

If your shot was high with the medium #2 height front sight switch to the tallest #3 height front sight to lower the firearms point of impact bringing your shot group down and shoot your firearm again. 

With the Angry Bear Arms Sight Set you are guaranteed to find the best shot with the 3 different height front sights.